Integrated undergraduate and graduate study of Primary School Education

Name of qualification:  Master of Primary Education
Official length of programme: Five-year study programme (ten semesters)
ECTS acquired: upon completion of the study programme students acquire 300 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time study
Access requirements: Finished four-year secondary school

Learning outcomes: Theholder of the qualification attains the competencies required to teach in primary education, i.e. the junior grades of primary school. The qualification attained enables the holder to successfully partake in all forms of educational work within primary junio,r grade instruction, and particularly in:
  • teaching and educating pupils
  • developing pupils’ skills, abilities, habits and educational values
  • planning and evaluating educational work
  • organising, researching and improving educational work
  • cooperating with parents and co-workers within the school, as well as with other participants in the education of pupils within a local community
  • executing programmes in the area of education that are needed by the public.
The holder of the qualification is also qualified for lifelong learning and continuing his/her study at postgraduate level.
Professional status: The qualification attained enables the holder to access the profession of a primary junior grade teacher as a trainee. Independent work is allowed for individuals who, in addition to the qualification attained, have also completed their trainee programme and passed the professional exam in accordance with regulations governing primary education. The trainee programme and the contents, manner and conditions of passing the professional exam are enacted by the minister in charge of primary education.

Access to further study: After completing the study, the holder of the qualification has the right to enrol in a postgraduate university study or a postgraduate specialist study if the university conducting this study anticipates it. In this, the condition for enrolment may be to pass differential exams.

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