University undergraduate study of Early and Preschool Education

Name of qualification:  University Bachelor of Early and Preschool Education
Official length of programme: Three-year study programme (six semesters)
ECTS acquired: upon completion of the study programme students acquire 180 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time study
Entry requirements: Finished four-year secondary school

Learning outcomes: The qualification attained allows its holder to successfully perform duties and tasks related to nurturing young and preschool children, caring for them and educating them in different preschool programmes. Based on generic and specific competencies acquired in the study programme, the holder of the qualification is qualified to:
  • efficiently plan, program and evaluate educational context as developmentally stimulating, at the same time respecting child’s abilities, needs and interests and implementing, on that basis, the practice of integrated education;
  • independently construct, implement and evaluate integrated curriculum in the totality of all developmental areas through activities and materials in accordance with the contemporary child development theories;
  • act as a reflexive practitioner and to assess his/her implicit pedagogy by questioning its effectiveness in the function of a constant tendency for quality improvement;
  • create educational context equal and suitable for every child regardless of its sociocultural and economic status;
  • build close and reciprocal confidence-based relations with parents by encouraging a partnership level cooperation and to actively engage in achieving a higher-quality and more intense participation of the local community in the life of kindergartens;
  • constantly pursue professional development in the context of lifelong learning.

Professional status: The qualification attained enables the holder to access the profession of a preschool teacher in pre-school institutions as a trainee. Independent work is allowed for individuals who, in addition to the qualification attained have, completed their trainee programme, passed the professional exam and have been assessed as being capable of working as educators in accordance with regulations governing primary education.
Access to further study: Upon completing the undergraduate university study of Primary and Preschool Education, the holder of the qualification has the right to enrol in a graduate university study, or a specialist professional graduate study of the same kind without any requirements. Requirements for continuing education in other fields of study are determined by a higher education institution offering study programmes in these fields.

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